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Sandwich Place: Jimmy John's, SD

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1904 S Minnesota Ave Sioux Falls SD 57105 United States
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Telephone: (605) 338-4585

Twitter: @jimmyjohns

Facebook: jimmyjohns


Sandwich Place

Working times

  • 10:00 AM–10:00 PM

Rating: 7.2


Currency: $$$$

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Reviews about Jimmy John's

My food was delivered on time, well wrapped, delivery gentlemen was exceptional, Im not an ezcustomer. They made to order, went above my expectations. I'm impressed & would recommend.

The bacon is kind of cardboardy, but the unwiches (breadless subs, aka lettuce wraps) are delicious. They're the one place in town with decent bread free options! #9 with hot peppers is my go to.

The #15 Tuna sandwich is amazingly delicious. Best tuna sandwich I know!

Love the gargantuan

Get the #12, wonderful!!!

Ultimate porker.

Jimmy John is a terrible person

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