Features To Look For In an eCommerce Website Builder

Features To Look For In an eCommerce Website Builder

Features To Look For In an eCommerce Website Builder

Running a successful eCommerce website is impossible without the support of a web hosting provider. 

A proper domain and web hosting plan is crucial when it comes to choosing the best Australian web hosts to meet your hosting needs. 

In this article, you will get an overview of the main features to look at in your eCommerce website while starting your online business. 

Features to Search in an eCommerce Website Builder 

To get started with your eCommerce website builder, you should consider the following features: 

  1. One of the most important features of an eCommerce website builder is its user-friendliness. Your store should be intuitive and easy to navigate and will sell more. The platform should be easy to navigate, which would allow you to create your online store without any coding or technical expertise. 
  2. Customisation is yet another feature that you should consider because your online store should be unique and must reflect your brand’s identity. The best eCommerce website builder would provide you with various customisable templates, including the flexibility to add or remove features and the ability to include custom descriptions for your products. Additionally it would help if you also looked for third-party plugin support that would extend the functionality of your online store. 
  3. When selling your products or services online, payment gateway integration is a crucial feature that you should look for. Your eCommerce website builder should also support multiple payment options and multiple currencies if you are planning to sell your services internationally. 
  4. Your eCommerce website builder should be optimised for all mobile devices. 
  5. Search Engine Optimization is necessary for driving traffic to your online store. When you think of generating an eCommerce website builder in Australia, make sure to provide the built-in SEO tools that will help you optimise your online store for search engines. 
  6. The last feature that you should consider is the robust analytics and reporting feature, which is important to track the performance of your store. Your eCommerce platform should provide the tracking of certain key metrics such as, website traffic, conversion rates, and sales.

Things to Consider in an eCommerce Website Builder

Besides providing the above features, there are some tips that you should consider before you choose an eCommerce platform: 

  1. Keep a check on the initial and on-going costs. 
  2. While building an eCommerce website, security is of utmost importance. Remember that in the absence of HTTP and SSL, visitors will not feel safe in sharing their personal information, so every site needs to have a payment card industry-compliant measure and fraud protection backups so that the checkout process is safe and sound. 
  3. An eCommerce website builder should provide round the clock customer support that would address the issues promptly. 
  4. Ensure that your eCommerce platform is scalable. 
  5. The eCommerce platform should also be able to handle peak traffic. 
  6. A good eCommerce website builder needs professional minds to handle it, which needs continuous monitoring.


Therefore, when you think about website builders for eCommerce platforms, consider the above points to get a comprehensive idea. 

While you design an eCommerce site, both website building and creating an online shopping platform hold paramount importance that is entrusted to convey passive shoppers into paying customers.

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