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  • Rating: 6.6 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    Quite possibly the best Starbucks in town. The staff is friendly and helpful.

    When you come here, make sure you ask specifically for Bridget and only Bridget to make your drink. She's never busy.

    Starbucks in SD don't have any mugs for Mt. Rushmore or the state. They should make some.

    Friendliest staff this side of the Mississippi!

    White mocha frapaccino for a warm day is perfect!(=

    Try the Salted Caramel White Mocha Frapp :)

    Yummie! Extremely slow drive-thru.....ugh

    The slowest drive through of any Starbucks plus no parking is a bad combination. If park people won't let you out. Poor design.

    Try the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap!

    This Starbucks is not very friendly! I waited fir someone to wait on me for five minutes! Service very slow!

    I've only been sitting in the drive thru for 10 minutes...

    Absolutely the slowest drive thru in this entire town for anything.

    Very friendly staff BUT the drive thru could use some major help...extremely slow

    Man that drive thru is so slow!

    Skip the drive-thru. It takes forever.

    Gingerbread lattes...mmm

    Good coffee, but very slow drive-thru

    Unfortunately quite slow.....

    The slowest drive through ever....UGH!!

  • Rating: 8.0 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    Wednesdays. Two for One pints of Bitters and Stouts.

    One of the only good sour beers in the area, I love the dinosour. My husband loves porters and stout and its great that we both found a favorite beer here. We go weekly!

    This is an excellent brewery. If you love beer check out what these young entrepreneurs are doing for Rapid City. Grab a seat and enjoy!

    Beers are good and they had an event with fresh seafood when I went.

    Great craft beers and also a pleasant wine selection. Lovely staff as well!

    Great beer and cool staff. You won't be disappointed.

    A great brewery with limited seating.

    Various brews but lean towards the IPA's on todays selections.

  • Rating: 8.0 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    There is a great selection of exotic and specialty produce.

    This Hy-Vee has Chinese food in their kitchen, and it's served on a fancy platter!

    Best salad bar! Lots of options and a great value.

    New and expectant mother of the few places in Sioux Falls to have it!

    For example: Try the sea salt vanilla ice cream. Best dessert downtown!

    Good place to get sandwiches for your wedding reception.

    It looks so much nicer since they finally finished remodeling.

    Park by the liquor store - in & out so quick!

    Cheapest booze in town!

    Free wifi!!!

    Has to be the worst Hy-Vee in Sioux Falls. They never have what I'm looking for.

    Get a grande vanilla latte.

    Hyvee wine & spirits rule!

  • Rating: 6.2 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    They have the best chicken. The pizzas are ok, I like that I can order a pizza I like if it's not on the Buffett. The employees at this location are all very friendly.

    There is a second fountain pop machine in the back with more choices. Cherry Coke, Fanta, Mello Yellow and others.

    Ask for chicken fries when you pay at the register. They only make them upon request.

    The buffet has a good selection, which the staff keeps well-stocked.

    logo of the project

    Came in late but still got great service.

    Tuscan Roma, Awesome!

    Great buffet!

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