The Listening Church

COMMUNICATION is the essence of everything. Whether on earth or in heaven, or light or dark, in good times or bad, communication is the abyss of existence, the pinnacle of meaning, and the principle of life. And if communication is the essence of everything, the soul of that heart listens.

Listening is the humility of God’s holiness – the manifestation of Divine Goodness that is present in mankind.


The listening church prays. Praying is about listening to the Holy Spirit, with a heart to understand what only the Spirit can say, as well as words that should be holy (because, how many prayers are spoken in an unworthy way?).

A listening church listens to God and he does everything to be seen in his preference for action. He did not act until he understood and considered the problem. We view the church as feminine considering that femininity is basically about giving birth and surviving – that is, as in labor and childbirth. The church receives the Word; the church does not give the Word. The church may spread the Word, but it never begins in and of itself without hearing first for understanding to act. And who can see other than the heart after God alone? Then, who can act without being constantly aware of the responsibility it has? The responsibility which the church rests on is immense.

The church must listen or she will disappoint God at what she has to do. Without listening there is no right perception, and where there is no right perception, any actions are ultimately futile.


The hearing church distinguishes itself by being able to listen; even able to tolerate curses from divisive voices, both from within and without. The Church shuns herself from vain conceit – a vile and worldly presence so alien to the Spirit.

The listening church resists that presence from within, while she endures attacks of all kinds possessing that presence. The Church, in this holy and great way, is completely different from anything on all the earth. The church retreated from the inner tension of arrogance.

The listener church can accommodate every vocal attack of disagreement. It regards the attack as non-threatening, respecting the deep, ever-spoken voice of one’s place of divisive eternal truth.

The church that listens is no threat to anyone and cannot, in itself, be threatened. He abides in righteousness as a peacemaker, holding the integrity of faith in the hope of the glittering Kingdom of God.


The church that listens is introspective. He studied. He couldn’t help but be very passionate about looking inward, to be all that he could be to the people he served. He endured discomfort in his studies. He approached the presence of his disdain in great preference for others. Indeed, he was there to advocate for other people’s humiliation. He wants others to listen!

The listening church is humble in all respects, open at all points to learning, and able to hear itself when challenging truths need to be spoken and heard from within.

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About the Author: Terry R. Manzano